The Road to Accreditation

IIRM accreditation is an outcome of a successful assessment of risk management maturity. IIRM Accreditation provides evidence to your stakeholders about your risk management approach and the efforts for the risk management maturity.

Where should I start my road to accreditation to improve my risk management maturity?

Below are three general steps that will take you down the road to the IIRM Accreditation

  1. Advisory / Consultation
  2. Risk Maturity Assessment
  3. Accreditation / Re-accreditation

1, Advisory / Consultation

First step of IIRM accreditation is to contact Investors in Risk Management for free advisory and consultation.  A dedicated risk management consultant will be allocated as your key contact and he/she will assist you all the way to obtain the accreditation.

How do I prepare for IIRM accreditation to improve my risk management maturity?

Investor in Risk Management has published a practical guide to Enterprise Risk Management with a large amount of information to assist you in developing, implementing and enhancing your risk management framework. Your risk management consultant will assess your needs and will provide you with the required information.

2, Risk Maturity Assessment

Your dedicated consultant will send you detailed risk maturity assessment plan which will explain what documents we expect to be available at the time of our assessment. Risk Maturity Assessment is not an audit; it is a tool to assist you to improve your risk management maturity.

3, Accreditation / Re-accreditation

IIRM Accreditation is an outcome of risk maturity assessment against all eight core areas of IIRM Risk Management Maturity Model (RMMM).

Your business relationship with Investors in Risk Management will exist for many years, as your accreditation has to be maintained for continual risk management maturity improvements. Your dedicated risk management consultant will help you get maximum value out of the accreditation process.

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