Investors in Risk Management

Driven by its purpose of creating value through effective risk management: Investors in Risk Management enables organisations to create, implement and enhance their risk management capabilities. We provide Risk Management Accreditation (Certification) services to public sector and private organisations. Successful accreditation against our Risk Management Maturity Model  is the sign of a great organisation with a clear commitment to risk management and sustainability.

Our independent expert advisory services also provide practical risk management guidance and assist organisations to manage their risks effectively through the application of their risk management processes at varying levels and within their specific contexts. 

Our highly competent people use their expertise to assess the risk management maturity level of public sector and private organisations to enhance an organisation-wide risk management framework to ensure that key risks are effectively identified and responded to in a manner that is appropriate to:

At IIRM, we believe that an organisation may have highly sophisticated processes and structures established to manage risks. However, unless these structures and processes are supported by management and staff with the appropriate competencies, attitudes and behaviours, the framework is likely to be ineffective.

To render a risk management framework effective, we ensure that there is an appropriate balance in focus between the “hard” aspects of risk management (i.e. processes and structures) and the “soft” aspects (i.e. culture and people).

IIRM adopts organisation-wide risk management frameworks that provide a holistic approach to correctly identifying, assessing, managing, monitoring and prioritising responses to all critical risks across the organisation in a manner that supports business strategies and plans in both public sector and private organisations. 

Investors in Risk Management
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