Risk Advisory

Investors in Risk Management provides risk advisory services to organisations for developing, implementing and enhancing their risk management maturity as part of our accreditation process. Our risk management advisory services are structured into three key sections:

  1. Developing a risk management framework
  2. Implementing a risk management framework
  3. Reviewing and enhancing a risk management framework

We tailor and implement a risk management framework, according to the specific context of the organisation, to ensure that key risks are effectively identified and responded to in a manner that is appropriate to:

We assist our clients to manage their risks effectively in order that they might maximise their ability to meet their strategic objectives as well as associated operational targets and goals.

Some of the key questions that need to be answered are as follows:

Public and private sector organisations are increasingly adopting organisation-wide risk management frameworks that provide a holistic approach to identifying, assessing, managing, monitoring and prioritising responses to all critical risks across the organisation in a manner that supports business strategies and plans. 

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